Creating and Utilizing Mutual Success Plans

Join Sales Assembly and Mo Gorman, Customer Success Department Manager at Wilson Language Training, as we hone in on Relationship Management as a skill.
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Join Sales Assembly as we hone in on Relationship Management as a skill. Customers using all your product’s features and functionality does not always equal value. Defining and aligning value means to your customer through collaborative success plans does. Learn to co-create strategies ensuring shared understanding, fostering stronger relationships, and driving sustained value for both parties involved using mutual success plans.

*The content for this program was created, researched, and applied by Thought Leader Mo Gorman. However, the program will be presented by Sales Assembly’s Directory of Product Management Fernando Chonqui.


This program is a Skill Development Module (SDM). All SDMs are crafted by our Sales Assembly team keeping in mind guiding metrics that are important to revenue organizations at B2B tech companies and skills that influence those guiding metrics. Furthermore, we are focused on making sure SDMs are timely in context of the B2B calendar and at varying complexity to ensure we have multiple opportunities to meet learners where they are. 

This SDM is also a part of a Certification Program. By completing this module, you will make progress towards being certified by Sales Assembly in a particular skill. Skills vary in the number of modules needed to complete the Certification Program, but you can always review your progress towards completion under “My Certifications.”

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